Why you should engage Robert Walters to fill legal & corporate secretarial roles

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From being able to act as strategic business partners, to being able to significantly minimise legal risks, lawyers & corporate secretaries play a huge role in Malaysia’s corporate landscape today. It is paramount, therefore, that companies recruit the right talent to fulfil these roles effectively. 

Here are few reasons why Robert Walters is the preferred recruitment partner of choice for companies hiring legal & corporate secretaries in Malaysia today.


Robert Walters is the first global recruitment firm in Malaysia with a dedicated Legal and Corporate Secretarial team focused solely on recruiting top-calibre talents within the industry. 

To understand our clients and candidates’ specific needs, each specialist team member comes from the legal profession, with hands on experience in-house and across top legal firms. 

• Lindy Ho, Manager, was an in-house legal counsel with work experience across Hong Kong and Malaysia before joining Robert Walters 

• Tracy Tan, Senior Consultant, a qualified lawyer in UK and Malaysia, where she practiced law for about 3 years before joining Robert Walters 

• Eu Jinn, Consultant, a qualified lawyer in Malaysia, where he practiced law for about 4 years before joining Robert Walters. 


The Malaysian legal industry is a “client-driven” market. As such, clients are oftentimes flooded with numerous applications for a single vacancy. Unfortunately, quantity does not mean quality and this poses a real challenge to HR, which has many functions to perform, and is usually unable to manage the volume of application appropriately. In a highly connected digital world, it is increasingly crucial for companies to ensure candidates have a positive recruitment experience if they wish to enhance their employer branding. 

This is where Robert Walters plays a strong role as a recruitment partner. Our legal backgrounds allow us to qualify candidates thoroughly, ensuring clients only get quality, fully vetted CVs. In addition, we manage key communication with candidates before and after interviews, ensuring they have the most positive candidate experience, whether or not they get the job. This helps support our client’s employer branding in the market. 


With an established Legal and Corporate Secretarial Team of over 5 years, Robert Walters has built a comprehensive database of candidates. This allows us efficiently deliver CVs from 3 - 7 days in comparison to non-specialised recruiters or traditional in-house sourcing or job boards which take significantly longer. 


As an industry specialist, we keep abreast with market trends and new developments in the legal and corporate secretarial functions. As a result, our clients trust us to provide added insights such as new recruitment trends, jobs in demand, and industry initiatives or directions that are useful information for many organisations.     


An end to end recruitment process is challenging and fraught with many pitfalls. As a dedicated recruiter, we expertly manage the candidate offer process to ensure the highest chance of a successful outcome. Our strong relationship with candidates backed by our consultants’ prior legal experience helps us understand their concerns and puts us in a strong position to advise and manage the offer process. Candidates view us as third-party consultants without bias and hence oftentimes more comfortable to raise concerns which we can then address. 


Finding the best talents in legal and corporate secretarial can be challenging. However, the five points above definitely contribute to making the hiring process smoother. By engaging Robert Walters you can expect expert quality recruitment, speed, tact, as well as the latest legal market insights shared by our dedicated team. 

In the long run, this would serve as a cost-savings exercise to you because the cost of hiring an incompetent candidate will be more costly than the fees required to engage Robert Walters. As the legal and corporate secretarial industry remains a very specialised function, you will benefit most from engaging Robert Walters, the forerunner within the legal and corporate secretarial industry in Malaysia.

For more in-depth advice, please contact Lindy Ho at lindy.ho@robertwalters.com.my  Tracy Tan at tracy.tan@robertwalters.com.my or Eu Jinn Teo at eujinn.teo@robertwalters.com.my, our legal recruiters to discuss further on how we can assist you with this very important step in your company’s growth.

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