Robert Walters Leadership Podcast E11: Conversation with Naeem Shahab Khan, Philip Morris Malaysia

As organisations increasingly focus and proactively act on their Environmental, Social and (Corporate) Governance (ESG) goals and the impact they have on local communities, how are business leaders capitalising on this momentum to enact broader changes? What should talent in the market look for when it comes to developing mindsets and in-demand skillsets to shine in this new climate?

Episode eleven of our Talent Talk with Robert Walters podcast in South East Asia features Naeem Shahab Khan, Managing Director of Philip Morris Malaysia, and Ai Rene Tan, Country Manager of Robert Walters Malaysia, as they discuss all things ESG and how Philip Morris International is transforming itself to create a ‘smoke-free future’.

From building trust with employees and stakeholders, and giving ourselves the permission to not know everything, to always ensuring we keep ourselves relevant, and have fun in whatever we do, Naeem’s personal advice and insights are not to be missed.

Our Robert Walters Leadership Podcast is part of our Talent Talk series, where we feature leaders from diverse industries and the sharing of their experience, advice, and insights into the world of work. Watch the videocast of this episode here.

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