Junior in-house legal counsels – why hire them?

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Organisations have traditionally hired mid- to senior-level legal professionals for their in-house legal teams. However, in 2018, we noticed more companies looking at recruiting junior in-house legal counsels, particularly those who possess minimum 2-3 years PQE, recognising that they possess traits that make them valuable to a business.



Traits of junior legal counsels

1) Enthusiastic

Junior legal counsels are motivated and eager to climb the corporate ladder, which drives them to learn and further hone their legal skills and knowledge.

2) Flexible

One advantage junior legal counsels have is that they do not have fixed mindsets and can be trained to render legal advice and solutions in the best interest of the company.

3) Creative

Junior legal counsels may see things in a different light and this will help act as a check and balance against the “traditional” way of thinking.

How can companies attract junior legal talent?

To attract, secure and retain the best talent, it is always important to address their motivations for venturing in-house. 

Motivation #1: New opportunities to learn

To attract the top talent, companies should showcase training and development programs, as well as highlight growth and learning opportunities that are different from private practice.

Motivation #2: Better working hours and competitive remuneration

In addition to attractive remuneration packages and benefits, companies should consider providing flexible working arrangements or staggered working hours. Hiring managers should also highlight good work-life integration and work culture.

Motivation #3: Potential to diversify or expand out of the legal fraternity

Hiring managers need to highlight opportunities for career progression and diversification. Additionally, showcase how the legal team plays an integral role within the business.

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