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The importance of the human element in recruitment

As hiring processes become increasingly automated, what exactly is the role recruiters currently play in securing high-potential talent?

Salary Survey 2017

Discover the latest recruitment market updates, hiring advice and salary information across our global markets via our newly released Salary Survey 2017.

Legal & Compliance roles up by 25% in Malaysia

This mainly due to stricter regulatory requirements and rise in internal in-house teams, according to our Asia Job Index Q3 2016.

Integrating locals and foreigners in the Asian workplace

With more firms leveraging on local talent, here are some methods employers can adopt to ensure locals can work seamlessly and productively with foreigners in the Asian workplace today.

Return of the Asian Talent

Hiring and leveraging the skills of overseas Asians has emerged as a differentiated recruitment strategy for firms looking to overcome the talent crunch. Robert Walters’ new whitepaper provides the key tactics employers should adopt to attract and retain them.

Specialised skills remain key in Malaysia

As firms in Malaysia rework their talent strategy due to contractions in the oil and gas industry, they look to hire critical roles that demand digital experience, reveals new research from our Asia Job Index Q2 2016.