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Your value as a marketer

Marketers often are under pressure to justify their spending and produce measurable ROI. Here are some tips to help your prove yourself as a marketer.

Working as an executive assistant

An executive assistant, or EA, works in a collaborative capacity for high level professionals within a business. Read on to find out more about the job.

Working as a finance manager

The finance manager is an important position in any organisation. Here we take a closer look at what's involved in the role.

Top tips to get a pay raise

Though negotiating a salary raise may not be easy, there are some strategic and tactical tips that can help you secure the increase you have been waiting for.

Tips to leading a sales team

A good manager knows when to dangle a carrot and when to wield a stick. Here are some tips on managing your own sales team.

Refer a friend terms and conditions

View the terms and conditions involved when referring your friend to Robert Walters.

Refer a friend

Are your friends looking at a career change? Refer them to Robert Walters and receive MYR300 shopping vouchers for a successful referral. Find out more.

New role of legal counsels

The role of a legal counsel is no longer limited to managing the legal risk associated with the business that they work within. Find out more in this article.

Negotiating your salary

Understanding the company's situation and your value will ensure a successful negotiation. Here are some tips on preparation to secure your desired remuneration.