In the News: Fight for Industry Revolution, Finding Talent is the Biggest Challenge


As Malaysia continues its journey towards Industry 4.0, how will hiring trends be impacted? Sher Lynn Lee, head of northern region at Robert Walters Malaysia recently provided some insights into this topic in an exclusive interview with Guang Ming Daily. She shared that the Industry 4.0 will provide more exciting opportunities for job seekers – but to leverage on these opportunities, job seekers will need to adapt and pick up new skills.

Industry 4.0 will see an integration of industrial technology with the sales and product experience. As such there will be high demand for professionals with knowledge in data analytics and robotics in the context of supply chain and system integration, particularly in Penang, where manufacturing is focused on semiconductors and electronics. To secure top jobs, Sher Lynn encouraged jobseekers to pick up these niche skill sets on their own. She also added that business acumen is also something professionals should be honing as companies are always on the lookout for talented individuals who can demonstrate their capability to be a partner to the business.

Learn more about the insights Sher Lynn shared with Guang Ming Daily here: “Fight for Industry Revolution, Finding Talent is the Biggest Challenge”. (Article written in Chinese.)

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