Build a strong employer value proposition to attract and retain the best HR talent

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic entering its second year in 2021, we saw an upward trend in the hiring of HR professionals. After a major slowdown last year, many companies across the sectors have reignited their search for HR professionals.

“We saw an upward trend in companies hiring for senior level roles in HR such as Chief Human Resource Officers and HR directors,” shares Mohammad Nordinie Mohammad Zaidi, Manager at Robert Walters Malaysia.

Read on as Nordinie shares his expectations about the labour market for human resources professionals in 2022.

Increased demand for HR professionals post pandemic

Now that we are transitioning into an endemic stage of the pandemic, we foresee companies continue to hire HR professionals, this time looking for talent who can work in post-pandemic operational structures. Hiring managers will continue to favour HR talent who are agile and are well acquainted with the latest platform and technology such as artificial intelligence and analytics,” Nordinie highlights.

He adds, “The demand for HR talents who have prior experience in HR transformation and change management will continue to be in demand in 2022.”

Digital skills, commercial savviness and versatility as key traits of candidates 

“While some roles in conventional HR are still in demand, we expect to see an increase in interest for talents with niche skills in analytical insights and digital approaches. For example, HR business partners who are more commercial savvy and versatile will continue to be in demand,” Nordinie explains.

“Companies will be looking to hire strong talent acquisition specialists with proficient social media skills. This will help companies to continue attracting talent particularly strong graduates, as part of future business expansion plans. Specialists in compensation and benefits who are knowledgeable of the latest market practices in rewards will also be sought after, as it is crucial to both hiring and retention of talent,” he elaborates.

Advice on recruiting and retaining employees

Employee value proposition needs to be solid for companies to attract the best HR talent and retain existing ones.

“In today’s climate, employee value proposition needs to be solid for companies to attract the best HR talents and retain existing ones,” Nordinie says.

He recommends hiring managers to "look into securing high potential candidates and not just those with the right fit. Equally important is for hiring managers to provide continuous growth opportunities and exposures to HR talents if they want to retain them in the long run."

Salary increments of 20% to 23% for job movers

“As companies adapt to the new norm and shift business practices, we expect more demand for HR professionals. Job moves within the HR function can expect increments of 20% to 23%,” Nordinie reveals.

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