So you want to be a web developer


With organisations becoming increasingly reliant on information technology professionals, coupled with a national shortage of IT professionals, there has never been a better time to explore your options within the sector.




Web Developers are professionals that will always be in demand. In the age of the Internet there will be a consistent need for technical assistance online. This profession is especially good for those interested in new technologies and trends, as web developers are at the forefront of online technology, with the best organisations often looking for innovative ways to reach their users.

What does a web developer do?

A web developer builds a website presence from the bottom up, designing everything from the home pages, site layout and function. A web developer takes into account the organisation’s products or services, along with the intended audience to create a website that will serve it’s purpose and have an advantage over the competition.

Entry to the field requires formal qualifications such as a Bachelor or Masters in Computer Science or Software Engineering.

There are two basic types of web developers:

Client Developer - this type of web developer assists clients by writing code that is translated by the Internet browsers. This type of code includes HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Some developers may also need to know XML

Server Developers - this type of web developer will write code that needs to be translated by the server. Within this group there are several other types of developers including ASP.NET developers, PHP developers, Java EE developers, and ColdFusion developers

What education, training and experience do I need to become a web developer?

People who choose this route will need to already have technology skills and be able to learn on their own. Informal training on the job and experience are also acceptable, with skills developed through practice. However entry to the field requires formal qualifications such as a Bachelor or Masters in Computer Science or Software Engineering.

Whatever path you take, web development can be an exciting career that will grow rapidly as technology changes. There will likely always be something new to learn and multiple avenues to pursue for finding work.

How much can I earn?

Website developers can expect to earn between MYR60 - 96k, however salaries tend to increase once a reasonable level of experience has been gained and there is evidence that a candidate has worked on some major build projects.

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