Help your friends soar to new heights in their career – and enjoy a flight to Tokyo

Have a friend or family member who may be interested in exploring the next step in their career?

Ready to help your friend find their next role? Just follow these steps: 

  1. Submit your friend’s details via the link below. Remember to get your friend’s consent first.
  2. Wait to hear the good news from your friend that they’ve been successfully placed.
  3. Get rewarded for your help*.

The rewards in store for you: 

For every successful referral that results in a placement, you get to enjoy shopping vouchers worth MYR300 and one lucky draw entry for a pair of tickets to Tokyo.* The more people you successfully refer, the more you get – so do reach out if you know any talented individuals looking out for a new role.


Help your friend find a new role

To refer a friend, please help to fill out the form below. Please check with your friend before you share their contact details with us.